Modern life can sometimes be as infuriating as it can be thrilling. Poor Drainage systems and cold callers are just two of the most annoying things about modern life. We take a look at the worst contenders and how to make things better, whether you name and shame a business or remove yourself from Facebook.

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Poor Drainage systems

You have an otherwise perfect house. You have put in a lot of time and effort into making it look nice. Now imagine that you have recently put in a lot of money to be able for you to have it nice and looking just as you like it. If you did all that then you wouldn’t be expecting to have to spend any more money on it for a number of years. With some houses however a poor drainage system may mean you don’t have a choice. A poor drainage system isn’t always obvious meaning you may not find out of any issues until something extreme happens such as your whole kitchen flooding. If you like to get a check to ensure this doesn’t happen to you then why not use a drain lining company such as give an accurate prognosis on your drains.

Computer Crashing

According to the i100, this is up there as possibly the most annoying thing about modern life. We expect everything to work with such immediacy that when it doesn’t it makes us want to scream. If your commuter keeps crashing, spend a few hours trying to find the root problem. It may take a while, but you’ll be grateful you did. Or better yet, use the time to make yourself a cup of tea.


First it was the selfie, and then it was the selfie stick. When will people stop taking pictures of themselves? According to the Mirror, selfies are one of the top annoying things about modern life. Without explanation, de-friend anyone on social media who puts up too many selfies. It won’t stop them, but it’ll make you feel a whole lot better.

Cold Callers

Unclaimed PPI? An accident in the last five years? You might have won an iPad! These people call day and night, and sometimes you don’t even want to answer your phone at all in case it’s them.

Social Media Woes

Whether you’ve had enough of old school friends’ baby pictures or can’t be bothered to have your every comment on Twitter hounded by trolls anymore, the best way to solve your social media woes is to leave it all behind. Close down your account for a few months. The baby pics will still be there when you return, or if you can’t face that, give yourself a social-media-free day a week (or month).