Your company image is not just about the colour of your logo or the design you choose; in addition, it is about what defines your business, what messages you are trying to get across, and the impact this has on your potential customers.

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First impressions count. You only get one chance to get someone’s attention for the first time, so make sure you do it well. Don’t fall into the trap of creating an edgy company name if it says nothing about what you do or who you are.

Being a reliable and recognisable brand is more important than ever in the current economic climate, with the latest reports showing that consumer spending is down for the second month in a row.

Be clear

Make sure your message is easy to understand and avoid using made-up words or a font that is hard to read. Think about where your logo will be seen and consider the size that will be most suitable.

If you are looking to develop your branding Cheltenham and work on your company’s identity, a specialist in branding Cheltenham can work with you to make sure you are giving out the right message to the right customers.

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Tell your story

Try to get your story told via your branding. If you are a business that produces homemade locally-sourced goods, for example, consider saying this in everything you do to really get the message across to the local people.

Think of the customer

Try to separate your personal choice and look at your brand from a customer’s or client’s point of view. If you like sleek and sophisticated but your brand is wholesome and traditional, keep this in mind when deciding on your image.

Ask questions

A business is usually about making money, but not always. Ask yourself what motivates you and why your customers will want to invest in your product or service; for example, will it make them feel good? Does it help others? Does it benefit the environment?


Look at your competitors and try to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Think about your marketing, where your image will fit, and any advertising you have planned. Consider your ideal customer and plan a campaign that gets you where you want to be.