A garden that shines can make a huge difference to the value of your home. Gardens are often neglected in favour of a stylish, immaculate interior. Yet it is the garden which makes the first impression on prospective buyers. Follow these five tips to get your garden space up to scratch.

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Get Professional Help

Unless you are a very keen gardener with lots of time available, you will probably need to hire a landscape gardener or garden designer if you want to make significant changes to the outdoor space.

Consult local estate agents, who will advise you on how much extra will be added to the value of your property if you improve the garden. You can therefore budget for services accordingly.

Garden Rooms

Provided that the square footage of your garden is at least the same as your house, adding garden rooms like summerhouses, garden offices, gyms or even an art studio can add value to your property. You will be surprised at how inexpensive some excellent-quality designs are, and you will find that they will soon pay for themselves in their contribution to the value of your home. See examples from http://www.gardenspaces.co.uk/ for an idea of what different designs are available.

Front of House

Don’t neglect your front garden. This is the first thing people will see when they approach your property! Make sure grass is well cared for, shrubs are kept trim and tidy and paving is smart and clean. Pots of marguerites or a standard bay tree will make the house look chic and welcoming. Inner-city homes will benefit hugely from a parking space, as buyers will favour these over having to pay thousands every year for a permit. However, there is strict legislation around paving over green space, so make sure you get the right advice.

Outdoor Dining

Most buyers favour homes with decking or patio areas, where they can hold informal dinners and barbecues. Outdoor heating and lighting are now popular, as people seek to spend more time outdoors and use the terrace as another room.

Get Real

Consult your estate agent to find out what buyers for your type of property in your area really want. Realistically, most buyers in urban areas will favour low-maintenance gardens with an emphasis on structure and function rather than interesting planting.