Will my salary increase?

Money, and your financial well-being, is worth considering when moving for professional reasons. Will the new position offer better pay? Career happiness isn’t solely about salary, but good compensation contributes to feelings of respect and appreciation.

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Even if the new position offers a great salary, always think about the bigger picture. Does the new location carry higher living costs? Will transportation eat a large amount of your monthly budget?

Also consider any moving costs, and find out if your company will pay for the services of a corporate relocation company.

Relocation companies, such as http://www.dtmoving.com/relocation-services, can make the process much easier.

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Will this help my career?

If you’re looking to advance your career and gain prominence, a job move may be necessary.

Be sure to investigate the city itself and find out if it contains many other opportunities within your field. Are there plenty of channels for advancement and professional development? Consider your next steps as well as your current situation.

Will this improve your life?

Even if you like your current job, there may be room for improvement. Maybe your commute is a nightmare, or you live away from friends and family – these stresses and strains can impact your outlook and daily life. According to statistics, many of us spend over two hours commuting to work.

Consider the fact that this move may greatly improve your life in and outside of the office. Public transportation may be better, or your commuting time may decrease. Perhaps you will be closer to family. Maybe the surroundings and climate are more attractive. Evaluate all factors that are meaningful to you, not just the positives of the new role.

Additionally, how will the move impact your partner or children?

Are you in a rut?

Could you walk to your favourite lunch place with your eyes shut? Are you tired of networking at the same events with the same people? Are you itching for new surroundings and a change of scenery? If you have grown tired of your city, then relocating could be what you need, giving you new opportunities and a fresh perspective.