Massage Envy – a chain which gives regular massages at affordable price fulfills the needs of customers wishing to benefit from massage. At present, you will find one thousand spas of Massage Envy in forty nine states and about seventy percent of their customers are females. The staff is friendly while, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. The cost of a regular massage is quite affordable. You can try out with an introductory offer. If you want a membership, you need to sign a year-long contract by which you will be billed every month.

Facilities of the Spa

You can state your preferences about the kind of experienced person you want to have the massage from. Additional massages can be received for the amount already invested by a member. The monthly payments can also be used for a facial. Even if you do not have a membership, you can get an introductory massage and also get massages later on, but at a different rate. You will only be able to get an introductory massage once from any of the Massage Envy Spa locations. If one month’s service is not used then it will be credited the following month and what is more, you can avail this facility at any location of the Spa. You can also freeze your account for a maximum of six months if you feel the need to do so. You will also be able to cancel your agreement in case you move away somewhere which is beyond twenty five miles from an outlet or, if your physician recommends it with a letter.

The talent, care and experience of a massage therapist are factors needed for a good massage experience. All therapists of Massage Envy Spa are licensed professionals. They are recruited from the massage schools. Massage Envy boasts some well experienced therapists. A massage also depends on the compatibility of the therapist and the client. It is best to try out different therapists at first until you find the one you like. After you have found the perfect one, you can try to have standing appointments with that therapist. This will work well for you because they will have an idea about your body as well as its needs. The standing appointment is also required because the popular therapists get booked up quickly.

Types of massages offered at Massage Envy Spa

A large range of massages are offered at Massage Envy. The Massage Envy Spa will include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, sports massage, trigger point therapy, pre-natal massage, hot stone massage, geriatric massage and chair massage. The prices of all of these are very affordable. And, if you want to make the therapist happy, you might as well give a tip if you want.

After reading this review, you will want to have Massage Envy Spa experience for sure. So what are you waiting for? Go and give it a try!