The summer is nearly over so everyone will soon be packing away their sunglasses and suntan lotion and heading back to work and school. The thought can fill many people with dread as we say goodbye to those relaxing summer days, but there are a few things that you can do to make the transition back to normal life a little easier.

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Getting organised is one of the best things you can do to make it easier to head back to the office and the classroom. Be prepared for the next day by packing bags the day before. If you have a list of the things that you and your children need for the day ahead and make two copies – one to go in a part of the home that is visible to everyone and one to go inside the bag, you can tick off items as you go along and ensure that in the morning it is simply a matter of picking up a bag and going.

Saving time will also make life much easier – some of the things that we spend a lot of time doing can be reduced and made easier in the modern world. An online food shop will save trips to the supermarket and time. Ordering online saves a lot of time, keep your eye out for delivery services that can help you, such as Gloucester vape shop Lazyjuice, who deliver vape juices to you the same day you order. Services such as these make busy lives a lot easier.

Food can be expensive if you are not organised and it is easy to find yourself and your family spending large amounts of money on food and drink. A packed lunch prepared the night before is the perfect way to keep costs down, and it doesn’t have to be boring or take a long time! A salad is a healthy and delicious lunch choice and is quick to prepare in the evening to be eaten by the whole family the following day. Another good strategy is to keep food at your workplace if this is possible. If you have a fridge you can keep bread, butter and sandwich fillings to enable you to make your own lunch at work, which costs a small fraction of eating supermarket or coffee shop bought sandwiches.

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Plan your trips out – during the school holidays, traffic is a lot lower than on a busy school morning, so it is worth leaving plenty of time for your journey if you are going by car or by bus. Even if you do a practice journey in the holidays be aware that it will take a lot longer when the schools go back. Listening to local radio in the morning is a good way to keep up to date on any travel issues that you can then avoid!