If you have crooked, wonky or uneven teeth then you may be considering a brace or retainer. Maybe you are self conscious about how they will look and concerned about the discomfort you might have whilst wearing them. But gone are the days when you have to have a mouth full of metal as clear braces are now available. These braces are hardly noticeable and there is no upper age limit to having them so gone are the days when we just think of teenagers wearing them.

As long as teeth and gums are healthy then there is no reason why you can’t go ahead and get your teeth straightened. For Cardiff Cosmetic Dentistry, visit http://cathedraldentalclinic.com/


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Braces are not just for straightening teeth either as they have an important role to play in helping your ‘bite’. Cosmetic dentistry is also about how any changes will make your mouth function and so whether or not your top and bottom teeth meet properly is equally as essential to ensure that you can chew and speak properly.

You will need to take good care of your teeth once you have braces and brush your teeth ideally after every meal to prevent food from becoming trapped between the brackets. Leaving food stuck like that can lead to decay which is not great for your oral hygiene.

You might be pleased to know that braces are a little more fun than they used to be. The rubber bands that go around the brackets now come in range of different colours and can be changed at every appointment. Traditional metal braces are also now smaller and with thinner wires.

Wearing a brace will be uncomfortable to begin with. Having the brackets attached does not hurt but the pain and pressure comes afterwards as the wire is tightened. The discomfort and rubbing will only last a short while and during this time, a mouthwash or dental wax can help to ease the issues.

After the brace has finishes it’s job, there is still another step to be taken. A mold of your mouth will be taking again and you will be fitted for a retainer. This is to ensure that your teeth don’t sneak back into their old position. You will probably need to wear it constantly for about six months and then move to night time use only.