Oddly enough, no, Google Calendar was not available so far for the iPad, despite the veteran Apple tablet range. As you know the application of Google is one of the most appreciated by users, mainly because of the usefulness of its use and of course for its simplicity. Despite being talking about iOS, being able to have a version of Google Calendar for iPad opens a great number of possibilities for users of the tablet, not only in working environments, but to organize our life in all facets. Let’s know the details of this “historic” Google Calendar arrival to the iPad.

A Google Calendar fully optimized for iPad

Let’s talk about the competition calendar application Apple does not mean that there will be no fans among users of the tablets, at all. It is certainly one of the best news that iPad users could receive, the arrival of an application that in many cases becomes the backbone of every mobile device, as is the place where we organize our whole life. For that comes the application to the iPad after the announcement made by Google.

Google Calendar

Those of Mountain View announce that now Google Calendar is completely optimized to be used in the iPad, especially to take advantage of its big screen, something that in an application of this type is really important. Among the features that come with this version for the iPad, highlight the smart agenda, which is able to suggest the best times to hold meetings and even the best places to book a hotel room.

Also, coming to this version of Google Calendar for the iPad is one of the most outstanding developments of the mobile version in recent months, such as “goals” and objectives. Now we can add a specific goal or goal, for example to meditate or learn a language, so that Google Calendar searches the best moments of the week to practice these activities and achieve our goals. Always looking for the best moment based on the current content of our agenda.

Quick View

In addition, the new Google Calendar for iPad allows you to search your content directly from the Home of the iPad, and with this version we can also add a new Widget called “today” that shows us a quick view of our day.