When you say the word ‘fashion’ it immediately makes you think of models, make-up and glossy ads so it’s no wonder that many men shy away from the concept. If you put aside the ultra glamourous, good looking male models with heavy eyeshadow and bearing their abs – you’ll actually find that there are some great men’s fashion magazines that feature current information about what designers to look out for and tips on how to look good without having to don any make-up or sashay down a catwalk! Fashion does get a bit ‘arty’ but the publishers of these magazines do that for escapism and surrealism. Look beyond that and you’ll find fantastic editorials and helpful hints. Here are some of the best:

  • Fashion for Men – it only comes out once a year and carries a pretty hefty price tag but if there is anything worth nothing about the world of men’s fashion then it’s going to be in here. Milan Vukmirovic is the designer, editor, photographer and stylist who is the co-founder of a Parisian boutique and has spent time at Tom Ford. It includes fantastic photography and is usually the size of a textbook!
  • Another Man – based in London, this is one cool bi-annual magazine. Fashion director and stylist Alister Mackie does the shoots which means a younger, edgier take on how to wear high-fashion brands and incorporate them into your wardrobe. For Mens Farah Shirts, visit https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.
  • Fantastic Man – this Dutch magazine comes out twice a year and features wearable and desirable looks. There are some interesting articles too to go along with the incredible photography.
  • VMan – is an offshoot of V magazine and includes work from some of the most sought after talent in the fashion industry. One for the everyday guy and features photo shoots involving chefs, florists and construction workers.
  • 10Men – another London based publication which comes out quarterly and has some of the best editorials in any of the men’s fashion mags. This one contains clothing that most guys can actually wear in real life and will inspire to flash the cash.

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  • Numero Homme – this French edition shows what men’s fashion should be from season to season. It was created by Elizabeth Dijan who said she was bored with magazines and wanted to make printed content more engaging.

The number of men’s magazines has grown significantly in the last decade and it doesn’t all have to be about high fashion. Other top men’s magazines include Esquire which is a stylish publication featuring discussions on politics, culture, health and fashion. GC is a trendy option with a strong focus on style and fashion tips, news stories and relationship advice. Hero is a leading publication in the UK featuring fashion and lifestyle articles and Men’s Journal covers adventure, travel, style, food and women in it’s articles. Magazines are no longer the remit of women with plenty of options now available for a more male-centric range of reading material.