India is a place where you can find history, culture, diversity, different languages as well as incredible beaches. Tourists from different parts of the globe come to visit Indian for several reasons. They find this place not only for vacation but also for learning different cultures. Many documentaries have also been created showing its beauty and value.

If you are planning to visit to have fun and frolic, you will find that no other place is better than exotic beaches in India. They are located at different parts of the country and give you immense pleasure, exposure to the best climatic conditions and opportunities to adventure. Before moving to beaches in India, you must know where these beaches are located. A few of them are listed below which best suit your vacations including fun time with family or honeymoon with your spouse:

Covelong Beach, Chennai

This beach is located in Chennai and is also known with the name “Virgin Beach”. You can easily access this beach from any part of India. On this beach, you will get opportunities to have fun filled activities such as swimming, windsurfing, water scooter, diving and other water games. These activities will keep you occupied for the entire vacation time. You can strengthen your bond with the loved ones during this time easily.

Juhu Beach, Goa

If you want to have adventure, sports activities and excitement, there is no better place than Juhu beach in Mumbai. The vacations are incomplete if you do not visit this beach in India. You will e able to experience magnificent blend of light colored, calm surroundings and sloping waves. This beach remains crowded during all seasons throughout the year. You can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset and playing volleyball on the beach. This is the best place to click incredible pictures during day and night. Food lovers can find delicious snacks on the beaches including bhelpuri, panipoori and various others. This is the best beach ever found in India.

Baga Beach, Goa

At this beach in Goa, you will find distressing yourself most of the times. You can stay away from all the stress of life and enjoy the natural beauty here. Working professionals having strenuous life find this the best place to forget all the stress and hassles and experience the calmness all around. The charismatic monuments located nearby this beach enhance the beauty of the place. It also offers water activities including wake boarding, para-sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. You should not miss this beach if you are coming to India to glance at its beaches. This tourist spot gives you a lot of opportunities to have fun in the company of your loved ones.

If you want to plan your vacation to India and enjoy at the beaches, you must contact the tours and travel company such as Uniktour. They are able to offer you customized packages depending on your needs and thebudget. India is the perfect holiday spot for families, couples and business people.