A blog is a fantastic tool for engaging with and speaking to your existing and potential customers and a great way of letting them know what is happening in the industry and in your business.

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Not only that, blogs are a great way to get people to visit your website more regularly and also boost your chances of a sale. In fact, on average, companies who regularly blog enjoy a massive 67% more leads each month compared to those who don’t.

So, how do you go about launching and building a successful blog for your business?

Well, the first step is to create a strategy for your blog, in terms of what you want to achieve and how your blog will help you do that. Your initial goals should be SMART – so for example, to write a blog post every three days for the first month with the aim of getting 500 views per post and 1% of these views resulting in a sale.

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Outlined below are some key tips for success, gathered from various experts in the field.

1. Create an editorial calendar

Build a calendar based on how active you want to be. If you can’t do four articles a week, maybe do four on consecutive days once a month instead. Try and be consistent so your audience knows what to expect and when.

2. Hashtags

Before starting your blog, pick out a few new hashtags and see how popular they are. As well as this, check the top trending hashtags and see if you could incorporate any into your blog.

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3. Let consumers guide you

Try and focus your blogs on frequent/key questions that consumers have. This will boost your ranking and help build trust.

4. Share amongst your colleagues/peers

Try and instigate a company-wide policy where everyone reads and then shares any new blog entry together with the relevant trending hashtags.