Over the last century there has been so many popular make-up trends. The one thing you may have noticed is that eyebrow trends are constantly evolving. Now more than ever, we are obsessed with how our brows look. So it’s interesting to know that women have been perfecting their eyebrows since 3500 BC. Let’s take a look at how eyebrows have evolved over the last century.

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The 40s, 50s and 60s

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were the stars of this era, rising to fame and making themselves known as the classic beauties of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Audrey Hepburn had an incredibly iconic brow look, choosing a fuller, less severe-looking eyebrow shape. These thick brows often features high arches for a more defined look.

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The 70s and 80s

The natural look came back into full swing. For the first time in a century, women put the tweezers down and left the brow pencil off for a less defined look. The natural look made people such as Brooke Shields famous and can even be seen on supermodels today such as Cara Delevingne.

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The 90s

A somewhat dark age for the eyebrow. The grunge look became a very popular trend in the 90s, which was joined by the skinny brows so many celebs sported at the time. This was a stark contrast to the more natural look of the previous eras. Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss both rocked the thin brow look, and they inspired many a woman to follow suit and get pluck happy. If you want to avoid the 90s brow, make sure to check out an online guide on how to thicken up your eyebrows. Try out Benefit cosmetics – available fromhttps://www.carapharmacy.com/en/Benefit/b-743.aspx.

Today’s Instagram Brows

Today everyone is looking for that perfect brow. Pull up Instagram on your phone and you will see hundreds of beauty influencers rocking the Instagram-ready brows. We’ve finally put down the tweezers and opted for brow gels, pencils and sculpting kits to perfect our look. Not only are thicker brows now on trend, but having sharply defined brows is also today’s style.