Business pages are a key aspect of Facebook marketing. In just the month of October 2014), Facebook visits to Business Pages were about a billion, according to the Facebook blog. Clearly, the importance of Business pages ranks high for Facebook. At the same time, Facebook is working hard to improve user experience. For this purpose, these are the changes that have happened to Business pages in 2017.

End of Promotional Updates

After extensive surveys and research, Facebook has identified that there is general dislike for the overtly promotion News Feed content. This includes calls to action to buy a product, download something, posts recycling ad content, and more. As a result, Facebook is increasingly pushing brands to invest in formal ad campaigns to push products. Specifically, this means that the newsfeed algorithm will change. Social media circles are heavily anticipating the fall in certain “brand posts” that are “overly promotional.”

The good news is that brands which have heavily engaged fans will not see a massive fall in their Reach. This will also encourage brands to get more creative about how they reach their fans and customers.

Like Gates (or Fan Gates) are over

You will not be able to push people to Like your page for coupons, offers and more on Facebook custom tab. This functionality was hidden – now it won’t even be offered. Now, it is meaningful content that is the key to engage fans.

Facebook Search

Facebook has recently enabled many users to search for content, including photos, news articles, or through the content posted by their friends. Similarly, you can also search through ‘Public’ posts to identify content pertaining to a brand or a topic. These keywords are therefore important for brands to tap, so that they show up more in contextual search (e.g. by using a hashtag) on Facebook.

Call-To-Action Buttons

Facebook has created a lineup of ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons for Business Pages. These allow Page administrators to offer many important functionalities to users and enhance engagement. These are Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. This lets business owners highlight what they want users to do. From enhancing traffic to videos, to increasing conversion via Facebook sales, these buttons makes all this possible.

While Facebook is known to announce changes that elicit cries of dissent from users, the long term ramifications of these changes is usually favorable. The company therefore knows that it has to keep both brands and users happy. Facebook has clearly matured as both a medium and a marketplace for brands. This is why you need to hire a professional agency like Think Big Online for delivering media marketing mandate. Only an established internet marketing consultant can help brands shape their social media strategy in the right manner, as seen as

Necessity of spending for promotional content

Therefore, for occasions when you need to drive sales-centric content, a ‘push’ (via ad spending on Facebook) will be necessary for Brand managers. At the same time, the content mix should focus on fan discussion, engagement and assistance.