It is no secret that the rise of mobile apps has made shopping much easier for consumers, and it turns out that one of the more expensive commodities – travel – is also becoming increasingly accessible to purchase from technological platforms.

How mobile payments are benefiting the hospitality industry

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Not only does this make organising travel more convenient for consumers, but it is also great news for travel operators. In fact, a report in TTRWeekly predicts “significant growth opportunities” for businesses that are willing to invest in mobile payment technology.

Instant gratification

The statistics speak for themselves, and there has undoubtedly been a big rise in mobile bookings, particularly on same-day bookings and last-minute deals. The very nature of the technological, modern world in which we live is that of instant gratification: see it, like it, buy it. This principle seems to be transcending into the travel industry with impulse buying rife.

Impulse buying

By honing in on their apps, travel industries could benefit from this trend by presenting consumers with extras alongside their booking, such as hire cars, excursions and upgrades. Given the time to search for these things themselves, consumers may come up with cheaper alternatives or decide not to bother at all. By tapping into the thought processes and quick decision-making of consumers, operators can use their best marketing skills to make added extras quick and simple to purchase on a whim, whether it’s a room upgrade, a snorkeling excursion or unlimited drinks from the hotel post mix machine (

Personal service

Aside from the financial convenience, tailored mobile apps are also able to offer a personalised service specific to the needs of its users. By tracking their previous purchases, companies are able to automatically advertise enticing deals based on their individual preferences. Add good value for money into the equation, not to mention the sheer convenience of being able to use your mobile phone to make payments instead of fiddling around with credit cards, and it’s clear that travel operators are onto a winner with mobile technology.

While many of us may regard holidays as an unnecessary luxury in times of economic turbulence, the fact that mobile apps are able to provide such a tailored and enticing service seems to be persuading us to travel more by using our mobile technology.