Saltwater fish live in delicate, diverse ecosystems and are seen all over the globe. These fish can be found in the world’s coral reefs, these are also usually seen in many doctors’ offices and homes as more and more people enjoy maintaining their own personal aquariums full of saltwater fish. Keep in mind that usually, saltwater fish are captured from seas and oceans where they are accustomed to steady environments. For this reason, there is a lot of maintenance in keeping tanks that are saltwater including temperature and chemistry. On the other hand, compared to freshwater tank fish, there is a wider selection of fish available to you.

Fish Species
Before you take the seller’s word for it, a good idea might be to familiarize yourself with some if not all species of this type of fish. There are thousands of various species of saltwater fish. Many are noted for their distinctive markings and patterns and others for their dazzling bright colors. Some of the more common species include the gobi, lionfish, surgeonfish, angelfish and clownfish. All saltwater fish species are able to live in one tank.

Look Out for Diseases
As you select the saltwater fish you plan to buy, be aware that there are bacterial diseases that saltwater fish are commonly afflicted with. For this reason, look out for rotted gills, skin or damaged organs. Fish lice attach to fish near their fins. On fish bodies, flukes are microscopic parasite that clamp on. Fish that looks like they are isolating themselves may have a parasite called Ich. Formalin and malachite are conditioners that are able to treat these afflictions. However, while you are still making a selection, find healthy fish that has complete body parts and a healthy color.

Proper Habitat
Before you make a final purchase of your saltwater fish selections, ensure that you have the proper habitat for them to live in once you bring them home. Delicate to maintain, saltwater fish habitats require rigid conditions that are necessary for the survival of most fish. Reportedly, tis fish need to live in pH levels of 8.2 or 8.3 with water temperatures of between seventy and eighty degrees. There also needs to be alkalinity of about 3.0 and a content level of salt between 1.022 and 1.025.

Proper Food
As you buy your fish, you might also want to buy the food they will need. Saltwater fish may be omnivores, carnivores or herbivores. Clownfish are omnivores and can feed on both animals and plant. Sharks, on the other hand, are carnivores and feed on invertebrates and fish varieties. Surgeonfish, for instance, can live off on seaweed, algae or other plant material.