The technology surrounding boilers has advanced considerably in recent years, and there is now a great deal of choice. If you’re unsure of exactly what type of boiler to choose, here are some top tips on getting the best system for your needs.


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Why Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Often boilers are replaced because they no longer work, but if you have an inefficient boiler it could pay off to have a new energy-efficient one installed.

Around 60% of energy bills are spent on heating, and you could save over £200 a year by having an A-rated condensing boiler fitted with a programmer, thermostatic radiator controls and a room thermostat.

Types of Boilers

When you’re considering boiler installation in Woking, you first need to decide on the type of boiler that is best. There are two main options: a conventional or a combination boiler. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will largely depend on the size of your property and how you use the central heating.

Conventional Boilers

A conventional boiler works by storing water in a tank, which is then heated up before being pumped around the house. These boilers require more space than a combi boiler, which can make installation more complex and expensive. If the cistern is not in a high enough position, it can result in low pressure, and once the tank is empty it takes time to refill.

However, you will get a good flow from the taps, and they are ideal for use with power showers that use cold water and a separate pump.

Combination Boilers

A large percentage of new boilers, such as those fitted by RJ Plumbing boiler installation company in Woking, are combi boilers, which take up less space and are cheaper and easier to install. These are sealed systems that heat water for the central heating and taps when it’s required as opposed to storing it.

The mains pressure provides a decent flow, but this can decrease if more than one outlet is used at the same time. They are designed for smaller properties with one bathroom and don’t have the need for a separate storage cylinder.

When choosing a specific boiler, you should go for the most efficient you can and the right size, as this will offer you the best performance.