Parisian style is one of the most emulated, as it’s effortless, distinctive and simple. It’s chic personified. While there are some Parisian styles that are easy to copy, the overall look is one that takes practice, and this takes time, patience and a particular panache.

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These style secrets will give you the Parisian look and will make you feel as though you’re sitting under the Eiffel Tower at street café, eating a croissant and sipping on an espresso.

Less Is More

Although it may not be obvious at Fashion Week, one of the first rules of dressing like a Parisian is following the less is more rule. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel famously said that before you leave the house you should take at least one thing off. Choose one statement piece, don’t overdo the jewellery and always wear a great pair of shoes.

Don’t Flash Labels

Avoid wearing obviously labelled clothes or flashing heavily branded handbags. The interlinking C’s on a Chanel purse are the most you should show, and any branded gear should be kept strictly for the gym, or not worn at all.

Ditch Sexy for Intellectual

Parisians don’t like to be sexy in the obvious way, so exposed cleavage, super-short skirts and tight-fitted dresses are not the way to go. They’d rather embrace maxi dresses that are subtler than short ones but still show off a gorgeous silhouette. AX Paris maxi dresses and any well-cut dresses that go below the knee are a perfect choice, as they leave a little to the imagination but still look amazing.

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Stick to a Uniform

Having a uniform or a set formula when it comes to getting dressed may sound boring, but if it’s Parisian chic then it’s not. All the most famous French film stars stick to what they know, and that is the secret to their unfailing signature style. Basic black is always a winner, as is wearing a scarf that adds a splash of colour.

Add an Element of Surprise

Even if you cultivate a uniform, make sure that you always add something of a surprise. Wear heels with an outfit that people would expect with flats, pair a well-cut jacket with at t-shirt or don brand new jeans with a faded rip.