Twitter has been an undeniable platform for bloggers to increase their social outreach and as a traffic funnel for their site. The recent trend however, has shifted towards the use of a versatile resource that has made it possible to increase your twitter engagement by over 10x times. Tweepi is a very resourceful app that can help you grow your following on twitter exponentially. Here is how.

What does Tweepi do?

With Tweepi, you can segment your followers in to dormant and active followers. You can then choose to delete your dormant followers and continue to expand your outreach by concentrating your twitter strategy based on active followers. You can also use the app to analyze various twitter accounts to zero in on twitter handles who are the most appropriate match for your blog’s tone or purpose. You can also get more followers on twitter by following niche specific hash tags and joining in on popular conversations pertaining to your field.

How to get more followers via Tweepi tools

You can use the tools integrated in the Tweepi interface to build a strategy for getting targeted traffic via Twitter

  • Flush – this shows inactive twitter handles whom you follow. Yu can unfollow the accounts that do not interact or engage your interest.
  • Cleanup – another tool within Tweepi to find dormant followers and disengage with their boring updates.
  • Reciprocate – This tool helps you find twitter handles who follow you but you haven’t followed them yet. You can reciprocate in active conversations and build your readership in targeted circles.
  • Follow list – This tool helps find all followers of any twitter handle that you follow. You can find very engaging twitter followers by further exploring follow lists of twitter handles that engage with you and are niche experts.

You can now see that how to get more twitter followers with Tweepi has never been easier. You can analyze and filter information to completely streamline your twitter approach and exponentially increase your web traffic.