Knowing how to prolong the working life of a commercial kitchen refrigeration cabinet will go a long way to keep running and maintenance costs down as well as keeping your unit running efficiently.

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According to the Institute of Refrigeration, the correct way of prolonging life is to operate and maintain your kitchen fridge cabinet at its optimum efficiency. So what are the main areas to take care of in order to keep your commercial refrigeration unit in peak condition?


It is essential to place your unit in a suitable area to keep your running costs down. Without ample ventilation the unit will be working harder, resulting in bigger energy bills and an early burn-out of your refrigeration unit.

The area surrounding your unit must be well ventilated, as these units create a lot of heat. The temperature must remain consistent, and without adequate ventilation the unit’s condensing cycle will always be on.

Avoid stacking anything near the vents too, because these let the warm air escape to maintain the temperature inside the unit


The main consideration in loading your unit is ensuring that all the products are distributed evenly and according to the manufacturer’s advice. Air needs to be able to circulate around the refrigerator, and if you are overloading it, the unit will have to work harder. This will result in your replacing your unit earlier than expected. If one unit isn’t enough to follow these guidelines, then it is recommended to invest in another one.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The first part of your daily maintenance should be to check the door seals. These seal the cool air in and are easily damaged. They should be replaced if broken, but washed regularly with soap and water to remove dirt and bacteria. Always ensure that it is completely dry before closing.

Again, the outside of the unit needs to be regularly cleaned with warm, soapy water to keep its appearance looking as new. The inside shelves should be removed for cleaning and the walls of the unit given an overall wash-down with a soft cloth to prevent abrasion.

When carrying out any cleaning and maintenance duties, the refrigerator should always be switched off and disconnected from the mains.


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