Leaking and failing gutters can cause the structure of your home to incur damage, so it’s important to fix them.

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Types of Gutter Problems

Leaking Rain Gutters

These are most likely caused by the joints between sections. Water left in the gutters will cause rust and damage to the material. The first step is to adjust the gutter hangers or add more if required. Then allow the gutters to dry and brush the leaking seams clean. Next, you need to use a caulking compound outside and inside to seal the leaks. Apply the mixture along the seams.

Small holes can be patched up with roofing cement, but bigger holes in gutters should be covered with patches. A sheet-metal patch embedded in roofing cement works well, and then put another layer of cement over the sheet.

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Overflowing Rain Gutters

Gutters can get clogged and cause an overflow. Leaves and debris clog them and essentially create blockages that stop the water flowing to outlets over the downspouts.

Sagging gutters are a different issue, but one that needs fixing immediately. They become heavy when they’re full of water and begin to sag. If your gutters overflow but aren’t sagging or clogged, then it’s necessary to install larger downspouts and gutters.

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Sagging Rain Gutters

You can determine whether your gutters are sagging by checking for signs of water marks on the inner sides of the gutters. Check the slope using a level, and see whether the gutters are dropping ¼ inch for every ten feet of run.

The hangers may need to be replaced or re-seated. Use a hammer to drive the spike into solid wood, and use a galvanized screw or long nail.

Pooling Run-off Water

Water accumulated at the bottom of the downspout can cause severe problems with the foundation of your house. A downspout diverter can be easily fitted to move the water away from the house.

Loose Gutter Downspout

When the elbows in sections become clogged, downspouts can break loose from the gutter. The debris should be cleaned out, and then the downspouts should be refastened with galvanized sheet metal screws.