Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

With winter on the horizon, it’s important to ensure your boiler is ready to take on the wind, rain and snow that come with the season. There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting home from work and entering a delightfully warm house when it’s cold outside. There is always room for trouble, though, and if your boiler happens to grind to a halt during a cold snap, then you will be left not only cold but counting the cost of repairs. Autumn is the perfect time to have your boiler checked by a professional before winter closes in.

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Gas checks should be an annual event to ensure your family is safe. It’s imperative that this work is carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. It’s important to check their Gas Safe registration before any work commences. And also ensure your carbon monoxide detector is fully operational, as this can be a life-saver. Carbon monoxide is not easily detected, so it’s essential to have this device.

A water pressure check should be on the home agenda

Water pressure in the home is not thought of that often, but it’s good practice to check it. If your home operates on a sealed system, you should check that your pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar. If your water pressure drops below 0.5 bar, then the boiler will be prevented from firing up.

Condensate pipes on outside walls should be insulated. If the temperature is below freezing, then the liquid inside the pipe will freeze and your boiler can go into a lockout mode. Pipe insulation is the early solution.

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For any boiler checks, it’s common practice to call in the experts in boiler installation Cheltenham. A company such as can perform a range of checks to ensure your boiler is healthy.

According to Which, new boilers can cost on average around £2,500

Calling a professional engineer to check your boiler, central heating and ventilation to make sure you are set for winter can provide peace of mind. Any serious faults can result in a costly replacement, so it is advisable to take steps early to prevent extra expenditure.

The home heating system should be activated a few times throughout the warmer summer months just to ensure it remains in good working order.