When summer arrives, people want to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun or the refreshing breeze. It’s the perfect time for businesses to entice their customers into outside areas, so it’s important to make them as attractive and comfortable as possible. Whether it’s a space for enjoying a picnic, a bar’s rooftop terrace, a restaurant’s pavement tables or a cover for a semi-permanent feature of your business, you’ll want to get it spot on.

When creating an interesting outside area, don’t worry if it’s in an urban space. Some of the most attractive outdoor spaces are in built-up areas. It doesn’t have to be a huge space; you just need to know how to make the most of what you’ve got and get a little creative. Here are some ideas of ways to make your outdoor areas more inviting this summer:


Art in public places is a great way to spark interest and encourage customers to visit. Think about the style of your business or commercial enterprise and consider installing some art that reflects your area of expertise. Sculptures, carvings, prints or mosaics can add a great artistic feel to a space with little effort. For an ultra-contemporary urban space, wall art, street art or graffiti works well, or the commissioning of a local artist to create an inspiring mural. Interactive elements will also make the space more appealing and engaging to visitors.

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Low maintenance

The best advice is to design a space that requires little to no maintenance. A space that is difficult to maintain and becomes unruly, like a garden, could actually discourage people from visiting. Choose paving that is both practical, durable and easy to clean. Hire a gardener for regular maintenance if you have a garden space. For a low maintenance shade option, consider tensile fabric structures. Not only do they add a distinctive urban aesthetic, but they are quick to install, are highly durable and provide great protection from the elements. For more information on Tensile Fabric Structures, visit https://www.spatialstructures.com/

Stunning seating

If you want to attract people to spend time in your outside area, make sure you choose seating that’s inviting and comfortable. A variety of seating is often a good idea, as everyone has different tastes. Some ideas include wooden benches, seats with back support, seats for children and those that older customers would find comfortable. It’s worth investing in quality seating that is durable and long lasting.

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Focal point

If you’re struggling to find an idea or theme to bring your outdoor space together, then start with a focal point or pivotal point in mind. Perhaps it’s an old tree, a well, a fabulous view or a local tradition, for example. Focus your design around an element, like a playground, a fountain, a piece of art or a form of entertainment. Having a focal design element applies just as much with exterior design as it does for interior design.