Your garage door is a fantastic feature of your home but if it’s started making noise you may be confused as to why it is playing up. This could be an indication that your garage door needs some attention, or it could be an indicator of something more serious. As the garage door sees extensive use every day – it is therefore important to ensure that you are on top of your garage door maintenance to keep it in top condition.

The following information will help to identify and assess the reasons why a garage door might make sounds and how to fix or arrange repairs. In some cases – a garage door replacement may be required in which you will need to get in contact with a professional who specializes in garage doors. For Garage Doors Essex, visit a site like

Common Problems Garage Door – Loose Parts

Loose hardware components tend to make your garage doors make a serious amount of noise when in operation. If the hinges and rollers begin wobbling – this shows that they are obsolete. Metal hinges get noisier when they are subjected to wear and tear or if they become crooked. Problems with rollers or hinges are likely to cause a high-pitched squealing or grinding sound when you operate the garage door. When there are loose nuts or bolts – this can lead to vibrations that would also create a rattling sound when the garage door opens.

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Parts that have worn down in terms of hardware and other areas of your garage door will require lubrication. Without lubrication, worn or damaged parts may need to be replaced. The movement of the garage door produces friction, which is why you will hear a squeak, creak or grinding when your garage door is opening. Make sure that you are properly lubricating your garage door, and this should resolve the problem.

Common Garage Door Problems – The door is not balanced

A door that is unbalanced can cause additional damage to the entire system of your garage door. Problems that can arise include cable or spring snapping because of the additional burden on this component. If it is taking an age to open the door, it is not opening at all or making strange noises such as scraping or rattling – you may have a garage door that is not balanced.

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Fixing repairs

There are a number of diagnoses that you can do when looking to fix your garage door, but if you are not sure – it is always best to contact a professional garage door company. Loose components that are present in your garage doors may need to be tightened as this will reduce the amount of noise being produced by unnecessary movement and friction. Another component that may be affected or make noise due to friction may need to be lubricated so they are more suitable for the operation of your garage door.