Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in our house, it’s where the cooking happens, where friends get together, and if you have a kitchen diner, this is how families spend time together to eat their evening meals – but why do we regard the kitchen as the most important room in the house? It is said that the average person will spend 253 minutes per week doing chores in the kitchen; this includes washing, cooking or cleaning etc, so it is no wonder kitchens are a vital room in our household. If your kitchen is a tad outdated, you may want to give it a revamp – there are many companies who hire professionals in fitting Kitchens Swindon way, so even you and your family can get your favourite kitchen space that you had always dreamed off. Here you can check out the different kitchen designs through the ages.


During this time, kitchens were beginning their modern transformation with plenty of colour, and eye-catching wallpaper. This was during the war when money was scarce, and rationing was very much still a thing, so homeowners would have had to embroider their curtains, and paint the kitchen tiles in a bid to save money. The main cabinets would have been one colour like yellow or green etc and would have had a small pop of extra colour on the handles and tiles. Another main feature used in 1940’s kitchens was linoleum flooring. 1940’s kitchens would have been used regularly by housewives whilst their husbands were at work, or away at war. Their kitchen would have been their pride and joy.

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The ’60s were the time of hippies and flower power – and this really showed in their home decor. 1960’s home interior was extremely modern for that time and had abandoned every form of traditional home design. Kitchens were bright and colourful; including the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen appliances. Furniture had thin legs to give them an almost futuristic look, and no 1960’s kitchens would have been seen without a hip lava lamp. This was a changing time of the mods, rockers, and the Hippies. More women were even going off to work to build careers instead of being housewives.


The ’80s was the time of decadence, which meant having every kitchen appliance you can handle, and having abstract art on your wall. Vertical blinds were also commonly used in an 80’s kitchen – and was certainly the modern way. Bright, and in your face colours were used on kitchen cabinets, furniture and home decor. 80’s kitchens were known as being roomy, with white clear ceilings to make them appear bigger.

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