For many years it has been a widely known fact that a convalescing stay at the seaside can improve your mental and physical health.  This holistic approach to healing has long since proved successful, so why wouldn’t you want to live by the sea?  The sea air can have a positive effect on your sleep because the air you breathe will be cleaner and fresher.  The calming, soothing sound of the waves gently lapping on the beach helps you to relax and lowers stress levels.  Go for long walks along the sand and explore the rockpools, climb the magnificent cliffs and swim in the sea.  The vast open seascape can help put worries into perspective and the gentle swell of the waves has a hypnotic power that can turn the most stressed out brain into a restful, tranquil state.

With luscious green landscapes, tall shaded forests, clear blue rivers and babbling brooks, the countryside also has a lot to offer in the way of places to live.  Low crime rates, elite schools, a rural community and living “The Good Life” growing your own produce and raising chickens or pigs.

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According to recent surveys approximately eighty percent of the population of Britain dream of living in the Country.  The local post office and convenience store along with the idyllic, quaint, cosy village Inn or pub are the hub of this rural community.  The historic church with its traditional wooden pews and beautiful stained-glass windows is the centre piece of the village.  The community gathers together to hold local events, fetes, flower shows and musical extravaganzas.

Just outside of these traditional villages can be found many Park style sites and homes, the older generation enjoy this type of park home life.     All around the Country couples are looking to move to these types of homes, including Park Homes for sale in Bedfordshire.  This growing community is enjoying all the benefits of countryside living at a cost-effective price.  The homes on these sites are built to look like traditional houses and are just as warm and cosy as modern town homes.  They are built using specialised craftmanship and modern materials to make them an affordable luxury.  The bespoke homes and exclusive developments are aimed mainly at the over fifties and attract many newly retired couples or older people looking for a more sedate way of life.

Whichever particular area of the Country you choose to make your home, whether it’s the seaside or the country side make your home a happy one.  Fill it with love and laughter, live your dream and make your wishes come true.  Fulfil your life long ambition of owning your own home in a community that will welcome you into its fold.  Participate in the village or seaside life and live “The Good Life” for yourself.