If you’ve had the pleasure of reading and or watching the second Harry Potter novel you’ll be fully aware of the rather unpleasant creature hidden away in the Chamber of Secrets. As Salazar Slytherins name suggests he was big on snakes. Therefore, Slytherins Heir was also probably going to be keen on them as well. It’s almost part of the job description along with being able to speak to snakes and, as Lord Voldemort ends up, vaguely looking like one. One thing the heir will need to maintain is the teeth of these vicious but very loyal beasts. You’d want to make sure that the dentist you took it to only used the finest Dental Equipment Supplies possible so you’d be reassured it they used these chaps at https://www.photonsurgicalsystems.co.uk/ as you’d know you Basilisk was in good hands.

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The Basilisk is a mythical creature. Ms Rowling picked up on the early medieval myths of it existence and it fits the bill for the characters, but the Basilisks goes back way further than that, It starts out on Ancient Greek mythology as being the King of Serpents. Snakes have never had a good time of it in any religion or society for that matter so why not imagine they come from some uber bad snake. It can kill you be simply looking at you and it’s leave behind it a deadly venom in its wake. According to Pliny the Elder Harry and Ginny should have had a weasel about them as the Basilisk hates the smell. Hopefully it would have slunk off then moaning about the stink of weasel wee. It would have been certainly a leftfield approach to the ending. “Ginny quick, we’ve got to get out of here!” said Harry desperately, “Ok,” said his soon to be wife “But why do we stink of really smelly wee and what’s that moving in your trousers?”, “Ah,” said Harry trying hard to shove the squeaking weasel he had used back down his left leg, “No time to explain, it’s all Hermione’s fault after she read Pliny the Elder. Lets go…

There also seems to be some confusion as to whether a similar mythical creature the Cockatrice and the Basilisk. Either way the fear of weasels is still there and there also some links with the tales of the Mongoose and King Cobra and the fights they get into. If you fancy having a go at making a Basilisk the ancient writers were pretty clear on what you need to do. Unfortunately, our rather killjoy understanding of modern natural science does throw up a few issues with the process. You need the following; a toad, a serpent and a cockerel. Somehow the toad and serpent mate and then you the get the ensuing egg from the serpent into the Cockerel as the Cockerel needs to lay it otherwise it won’t work, and you end up with a very confused grass snake. Salazar Slytherin must have been magical to pull that off.