Successful manicure is one thing, taking care of her nails another. With our folder specifically dedicated to tips and manicure tips, view nails perfectly highlighted. Nail polish that does not dry fast enough? A manicure peeling? The solutions to your problems are all in our directory!

Achieve a flawless manicure? At first glance this seems easy, and accessible to all, yet small problems come when you want to quickly take care of her nails, and display their best.

Nail Art, simple manicure or instant pampering for your hands Sunday afternoon made beauty of this moment a real fun time to share with friends, or simply to take care of you, pamper you after a busy week … and it also means perfect hands!

Indeed, a manicure at the top is not just a detail of beauty stat perfect, but a sign of elegance displayed to the fingertips. For a job interview, an appointment, everyday, it’s up to you to give the right signs.

And before going through the break box nail polish, which is undeniably the most pleasant moment, your nails should be revealed in perfect health, without being brittle, damaged or with a shape that is not in line with your hands. .. the stiletto kind of big hands. Inter alia, be trendy and sharp it is also a matter of hands!

In this Nail Art folder, tips and tricks, you will find all the tips you need to showcase your nails and display a glamorous manicure and always spotless every day!

Shaped nails, how to dry your polish more quickly repair a broken nail, finding the right way to remove a glitter polish: brief each we meet again one day or the other faced this type of situation without knowing beauty really what to do without damaging her nails.

Nail Art: The Best Manicure Tips –

Manicure: how to choose my form nail?

The last polish trends in nail art stars, nothing escapes the radar Get the Look! But the easiest way to kick of freshness to your manicure is it not to cut your nails in a new form?

Depending on whether your nail is short, fragile, etc., will not do any form of the same nail. The editorial ‘gives you advice!

Why file? The shape of the nail is not only an aesthetic history. Indeed, if one form or another can narrow your hands, or develop, as aware that some others may give strength and stability to your nails. “Tell me what is the shape of your nail, I will tell you who you are …”

The oval nails

This form is probably the most common, and for good reason: it is suitable for all types of nails. In addition, the oval size is a great way to refine your fingers. The trick? File the corners of your nails to create an almond shape, very feminine and easy to wear.

Round nails

If you like to keep your nails short and want at the same time give a little girly touch to your hands, this form is for you. The most? This form prevents cracks and breaks.

Square nails

Try the square nails! Chic and rarer square nails give personality. Your nails are filed down rights in and to the sides, ideal on medium-length and long nails.

The square-round nails

Do you hesitate? You will probably nails both square and slightly rounded. Your points will have fewer tendencies to break. First Cut your nails in a square shape and then come round the corners.

Sharp fingernails or stiletto

This ultra-sharp look is perfect … on a red carpet! In, fact, the seduce the stars. For us, in fact, this is perhaps not the most practical shape for everyday activities, but it can be a nice alternative for a special occasion. You have long nails and reinforced (bet on a serum-care) … and you diva manicure!