There is a good reason why most people detest working those extra hours, because quite simply spending extra hours in the office doesn’t exactly mean increased productivity. Working intelligently and using smart systems to eliminate repetitive tasks is what really improves efficiency. And given the fact that present day employees are eons ahead with their knowledge of new technology, if you’re still using the same systems used 20 years ago, you’re seriously losing on getting the most out of your workers. With even major financial organizations like National Debt Relief and HSBC, shifting towards complete modernization even in their most sensitive departments, it’s high time you started utilizing the New Age tech around you and improving the efficiency of your workplace. So here are the top picks of the latest technological improvements that can help out your business.

The Mobile Workplace

Smartphones allow almost any complex task to be performed even when on the move. And with the fact that Wi-Fi networks and mobile broadband connections cover most of the major cities on the planet, it is almost impossible to stay disconnected with a smartphone at hand. So use it to your advantage to improve productivity. At present mobile application development platforms have evolved so much that they can even recreate pocket sized productivity software for mobile phones. So enable your employees to work regardless of where they are. If some of your workers spend a long time commuting, allow them to work even when riding the train or a bus by allowing them to access their work files right from them mobile phones using customized apps. This way there will no longer be idle times and delays due to unavoidable circumstances. Also enable workers to work from home using their desktops, with advanced connectivity applications as well. All these flexible work options don’t just improve productivity but also enhance employee satisfaction as well.

Measure Performance and Understand Employee Behavior

Understanding the workplace and the behavior of employees in it are the key factors in improving efficiency. After all, no amount of advanced tech you’re going to introduce is going to help, if your employees are uncomfortable and lethargic. So try investing in tech that allows you to understand the work methods of your employees better. At present a number of performance measuring gadgets such as smart eyewear, wrist bands and head bands are used that allow employers to measure a number of parameters such as eye movement, residence times, brain activity, hand movement, fatigue and so on. These data give a clear picture on how your employees perform and allow you correct the problems at the core. Find the type of work that demands more attention from the workers and the kind of activity that wears them out and solve the issues. Also you can monitor the health of your employees, and their general wellbeing as well. Reportedly over 60% of the major firms in the country are undertaking such smart performance measuring projects.

Stay Connected – Always

Working as team is one of the most essential requirements for increased productivity, but today’s harsh and demanding work environments hardly allow any physical employee communication. But fortunately the virtual world has an answer – online communication. With the advent of advanced communication devices and platforms, contacting and collaborating with people even halfway across the globe has become as simple as clicking a button. So if you’re still depending on telephones and emails to connect with people, it is high time you started embracing the new tech. Install dedicated systems that allow your employees to communicate over voice or even through video to people around the globe live, right from their desktop through the internet. Enable systems that enable you to hold live meetings and seminars online and save the time and money that’s required to be invested in holding physical meetings. Also enable project managers and team leads to have better control over their peers and the deadline with the online workplace and live collaboration systems.

Reduce the Paperwork and Get Your Reports More Intelligently

Paperwork is probably the worst nightmare for every employee. And the constant fear of missing out data just adds icing to the cake. But current innovations are striving hard to eliminate this menace. New technologies allow employees to create reports in a flash, compile data automatically, present them in an impressive way, and share it with their boss with just a flick of the hand. The synchronization platforms allow employees to transfer key data to the system, intelligently order them, and enable them to tweak it just the right amount for better presentation. And the whole process becomes a lot more fun too. The shared workspace technology allows employers to access such data without the requirement of the physical presence of the employee; this not just reduces frustration but saves time as well.