Conveyancing describes the process of legally transferring property between an existing and new owner. It is an essential part of buying a property and should take on average between six and eight weeks to complete. In cases where there are complications or if there is a lengthy chain, this process can extend considerably, sometimes up to several months.

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However, if there is no onward chain, the process should be considerably quicker. If there are no complications, chain-free conveyancing could take as little as just four weeks. So it is important to ensure that you are in a position to be ready to move. This will include having chosen your solicitor and your Removal Companies Southend way such as to prevent any further delays in your moving date.

Potential Reasons for Delays to Conveyancing

If there is an issue with a property title or additional information is required about a leasehold property, this may mean that further time will be needed. Additionally, things such as issues with a buyer’s mortgage and probate sales where the required paperwork has not yet been obtained can add to the timescale.

Some local authorities will respond more quickly to search requests than others, so if searches are taking a while the process may stall until they are completed. Also, if a buyer carries out a building survey which reveals a problem with the property, the process may be paused whilst this is investigated with the seller and the purchase price potentially renegotiated.


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Ensuring Conveyancing Is Efficient

Whilst some things may be outside your control, you can put measures in place to ensure that the conveyancing process is as efficient as possible. It is a good idea to obtain conveyancing quotes in advance.

A mortgage company will usually insist on conveyancing being carried out professionally as a condition of the loan. Using an accredited member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides assurance of ongoing competence, training, knowledge and practice.

When seeking a conveyancing quote, select an experienced team of professionals that provide a dedicated member of staff to work with you and ensure that you are given regular updates. This can go a long way towards ensuring the process is cost-efficient and runs smoothly.

The better your conveyancing professional and the more organised and prepared you are, the less time it should take for the conveyancing process. However, there can always be delays outside your control, and a good conveyancing team will explain these and help to speed up the process where possible.