There is no denying that we love our four-legged furry friends, dogs. We are a nation of dog lovers, in fact a world of dog lovers. Ever since those early wolves sidled up to the human camp and decided to hunt with us and not against us, the friendship has been unwavering. Not just in the real world do we love our canine companions, but we’re pretty fond them on screen too. Here are some of our favourite fictional dogs:

Lady and the Tramp

This Disney romance between a cocker spaniel and a stray mutt has been delighting audiences since 1955. It was the first movie to be released using the New Cinemascope widescreen process. It’s a love story of posh meets tramp and opposites attracting. Make sure your best friend is more ‘lady’ than ‘tramp’ with some new goodies like Dog Collars and Leads. A great range can be found at Iwoof. For dog collars and leads go to

101 Dalmatians

This is one of Disney’s most loved movies which was based on a 1956 book. Dalmatians suddenly became the most popular breed in the world. Thankfully, Disney worked with the American Kennel Club to provide information with the DVD in the hope of preventing impulse buying of a dalmatian.

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This big hunk of Dogue de Bordeaux was the ideal choice for the pooch who turned Scott Turner’s life upside down. An incredibly heart-warming and funny film starring Tom Hanks as a detective who finds an unexpected friendship with the slobbery but lovable Beasley.


A gorgeous mixed breed dog, originally named Higgins, he starred in a few movies between 1974 and the early 2000s. He was a charismatic little fella who was always on hand to offer comfort to those who needed it most.


A real tear-jerker of a film, who hasn’t pulled out the tissues when watching Marley and Me? Nevermind the actors, all eyes were on the Labrador Retriever in all his boisterous and overly playful wonder. Later diagnosed as neurotic, the story is a true one based on the experiences of Josh Grogan, his family and the ‘real-life’ Marley. Living with a dog with problems is tough and that’s what touches so many people about this film.

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This huge St. Bernard made a big impression in this film with all his wonderful antics and certainly put the breed on many people’s radar for the first time during the 1990s.


Who could forget the incredible Lassie, who’s stories of courage and bravery have their roots in the First World War? She was one impressive Collie whose also one of only three dogs to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  She was made famous right across the world through appearing in heart-warming stories in numerous TV series and movies.