If you’ve never considered polished concrete floors, then take heed as this type of flooring is becoming a very popular choice in a variety of both residential and commercial properties. Do not think they only come in a choice of grey! There are many colours to choose from, as well as finishes to suit the existing décor of your home.

The floor area is diamond ground before a treatment with special chemicals to make it denser. There is special diamond polishing equipment that is designed for use with polished concrete. As concrete can feel a little cold underfoot, it is often equipped with underfloor heating when it is laid. They usually consist of a 100mm thickness and are ideally placed at the beginning of the project, although retrofitting is possible.

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The benefits of this type of flooring in the home, including the fact that it is very durable and hardwearing, are that it is super easy to keep clean, offers an ideal natural canvas for the decor and will not suffer from dust mite. It is perfect to supply a seamless transition between the exterior and the interior, although it will suffer from external weathering. Any damage can be treated with repolishing. For your Ready Mix Concrete Kent needs, visit a site like VMC, providers of Ready Mix Concrete Kent.

One negative point is its hardness. If you drop something or trip, it will not be very forgiving. You may also find it under cold feet but that is why it is likely to be installed with underfloor heating.

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This is definitely not a DIY project. You will need an expert who has the right skills, tools and experience to get the job done.