Today an event must be all about the whole experience. This is a major trend in the events industry that is set to continue. One of the biggest factors in organising an event is the choice of venue. Conferences and parties have long been held in hotels and conference centres, but now it’s all about creating a unique environment for attendees, with an increasing need for thinking ‘outside the box’.

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Here are some different ways an unusual venue will transform your event:

  1. Having an unusual venue will make it stand out among other competing events, whatever industry or sector your business is in.
  2. Venues that are not the ‘norm’ are far more likely to create a bigger media buzz on digital, social and traditional media outlets. It will provide a much more interesting story to cover. A good media buzz will improve attendance as you’ll be the talk of the town!
  3. Attendee engagement will be higher as people will be sharing their experiences and thoughts in person and via social media.
  4. Choosing an unusual venue will provide long-lasting endorsement as articles, user tweets, mentions, shares and comments will be accessible in the future for potential customers and delegates to see.
  5. You are more likely to leave long-lasting memories for your attendees by proving something a little different from other events they might have attended.
  6. You can achieve the ‘wow’ factor. For Gloucestershire Venue Hire, visit
  7. You will be remembered for being creative, original, unique and a great event manager! This hugely benefits your future sponsorship, engagement levels and future attendance.
  8. You might be surprised at how reasonably priced some of the more unusual venues can be. This can be a unique experience for all those who attend and your wallet!

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Therefore, you can see that choosing a unique venue can bring a whole host of benefits. They can also throw up some interesting challenges. Here are some ways to deal with those potential issues:

  1. Venue is not the usual ‘polished’ location

If the venue you choose is not designed for specific event functions, it might be a bit of a rough diamond. It’s always possible to hire professional venue decorators to add lighting and required facilities, totally changing its first appearance.

  1. Lack of comfort facilities

Does the venue have a lack of toilet facilities? Some venues will provide a challenge in this respect. There are, however, plenty of portable toilet suppliers with a whole range of toileting facilities available. You don’t have to have plastic festival loos!

  1. Remote location

The major issue with the more unusual venues is that they are often not centrally located. Perhaps you could make the journey there part of the whole experience, and lay on unique transport for your guests. A shuttle bus from a central location is also a viable option.