Samsung’s much-anticipated new folding screen phone has immediately suffered a series of problems upon release.

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The company’s latest innovation, the Galaxy Fold, was being touted as the world’s first commercial folding smartphone, but various faults were recorded by journalists trialling the new product.

There were reports that the phone’s folding screen was breaking within just a few days of use. Samsung confirmed that it had received a few damage reports amongst the samples it had circulated for trial before the main release.

A Leading Solution?

The Galaxy Fold has been designed to lead the way in a new wave of smartphones that offer next-level user engagement. The Galaxy Fold allows users to unfold their smartphone to create a screen that is tablet-sized but which fits in the average pocket.

It will be released to the public for sale next week in America. Only a few months later, the product is expected to be followed by another folding screen smartphone product, the Huawei Mate X.

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Samsung explained that the thin plastic outer layer over their folding smartphone should not be removed – as many journalists trying the product had thought it was simply a removable plastic screen cover. In fact, this layer is designed to prevent scratches.

Journalists found that, in some cases, the screen cracked and damaged the display. Some posted reviews on social media, leading to a social media viral response with influencers who had got their hands on the phone rapidly posting their own reviews and comments.

Technology for Better Outcomes

Could the issue have been prevented with the right technology and processes at Samsung? For one of the world’s biggest brands, it would seem likely that they would already be using the best. The case study is certainly a sobering one, though, for any businesses involved in product launches of any kind of product.

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Previously, Samsung has been criticised for launching potentially unsafe products in a bid to beat Apple, after a small number of its Note 7 handsets caught alight when the battery overheated.

Samsung has said that the Galaxy Fold will be capable of opening and closing 100 times daily for five years of use, equating to 200,000 times in total.