If it’s time for a kitchen makeover, you’ll find many ways to freshen up the look and feel without the worry of having to rip everything out and starting again.  Just a touch of imagination and planning, you’ll discover many cost-effective tricks to better your kitchen. Consider some of these tips:

Touching up the cabinets

You do not need to replace worn cabinets; a simple coat of paint is a great way to get a new look. If you have a neutral background then you might consider adding a dash of colour to the cabinet doors to create an upbeat contemporary, fresh look.

New worktops

If you’re unsure if you have the budget for a complete refit, then why not replace the worktops? It really can change the feel of your kitchen. Maybe you can add some extra luxury such as a built-in draining board or heat rods? For Norwich Fitted Kitchens, visit a site like https://www.graysfittedfurniture.co.uk/kitchens/

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Get better storage

Most of us struggle to find space for all the things we accumulate over the years. Sorting out your kitchen cabinets is a good place to start, throw away anything no longer needed or expired. A touch of organization is bound to increase the amount of available space, enabling worktops to stay clear and providing extra space to make your room look bigger. An additional benefit is that it will not cost a penny!

Replacing cabinet doors and handles

If there is not much wrong with the structure of your cabinets, replacing the doors and the handles can provide enough change to immediately update your kitchen. Brand new, sleek doors and some exciting new handle shapes will make it look the kitchen look like it’s had a refit.

Introducing new fabrics

Perhaps some new seat cushions, table covers or brand-new roller blinds or curtains to breathe life into the room would be a simple quick-fix?

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New appliance

Buy the kitchen a new appliance and this will boost the use and feel of your kitchen without needing to change too much. It’s a good idea when replacing older appliances to pick energy-efficient models to save money on future bills as well.


This is an inexpensive way to liven up your kitchen. Buy some new accessories to display, whether they are related to kitchen crockery, glassware or flowers, for example. Accessories are an easy way to enliven your kitchen immediately and choosing a theme will help to create a coherent look.

Additional lighting

If the kitchen space is lacking in task lighting, spotlights are a great idea when positioned above the worktop. Lighting is important for ambience and mood-setting. It’s also an effective way to brighten a dull kitchen.


This will freshen up dull-looking kitchen walls without excessive spending or taking up too much time. Pick a contemporary colour or consider creating a feature wall of artwork or bold wallpaper to really make a statement.