You have accepted the proposal and now you have the challenge of finding somewhere romantic and within your budget to make your vows.

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The Evening Standard predicts that the cost of weddings will be nearing £30,000 in the next decade, making careful budgeting essential for most couples. There is so much to think about, including venues, dresses, flowers, music and food, so planning is an essential element of a successful yet affordable wedding.

With wedding costs increasing, the six money-saving wedding tips that follow should help you to keep your costs down on your special day.

1. Set a budget

Make a budget, assigning a cost to every element of your wedding – from food and drink to decorations – to avoid over-spending in any area.

2. Choose a suitable location

By avoiding the popular, high-demand places to get married, such as London, you can avoid the associated higher venue hire costs; for example, a Gloucestershire hotel wedding venue such as can offer a much better value wedding for your money without compromising on your special romantic day.

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3. Affordable, modern wedding dress

Your wedding dress can be one of the most expensive items of the wedding; however, according to Vogue, there are a wide range of elegant, affordable wedding dresses available that won’t break the bank. Alternatively, you could borrow your mother’s vintage wedding dress for the day to make it even more special. You could also opt for high street bridesmaid dresses.

4. Consider an off-peak wedding

Choose the less-popular seasons – such as winter, which can be romantic in itself – or choose a less popular day of the week than a Saturday for a Gloucestershire hotel wedding venue.

5. Do-it-yourself creative tasks

Get creative and make your own wedding invitations for a personal, affordable touch. You could also ask a talented friend or relative to bake your cake to save on this expensive item. Make your own table flower arrangements and leave disposable cameras on the tables for photographs instead of hiring an expensive photographer. Make up your own music playlist for your reception, thereby avoiding the cost of a DJ or live music.

6. Seasonal foods and flowers are cheaper

Opt for seasonal food and flowers rather than more exotic options, which are more expensive.

Finally, enjoy your special day!