It can feel awkward asking for gifts when you’re getting married. Most couples these days have already lived together for some time and so don’t need the traditional wedding gift items. However, most guests will want to give gifts as it’s traditional so how can you ask for what you want without feeling awkward?

In times gone by a couple would be young, penniless and beginning married life needing the support of their families. Support would be in the form of emotional and financial help with the giving of items to start them in their first home together. It was customary for a bride to keep  a “bottom drawer” for the purposes of collecting items she would need when she was married including things like pillows, embroidered aprons, bedding and anything else deemed necessary.

Times have changed and more couples live together before they are married, so it has become the norm for couples to receive luxury gifts from their guests to mark the occasion. To avoid receiving duplicate gifts like 5 toasters, it’s usual for couples to request certain items using a gift list. This will usually include practical items that perhaps they haven’t been able to previously afford. Today gift lists are popular and a perfectly acceptable means of contributing to the start of a couple’s married life.

A popular choice is using a good department store who offer a gift list service where you can choose many items from the store. These are placed on a list and your guests can shop your list by phone, via the internet or in person. The gift list is recognised by an account number and items are removed once purchased so there can no danger of duplicate gift giving. For ease there are also online gift list services which are great for any family members who may be overseas for example. For Wedding Venues in Essex, visit

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Before deciding on your wedding gift list, think about what you really need. Do you already have all your household goods or would it make more sense to have some help with your honeymoon costs? There’s also no reason why you can’t have a range of gift list so as to give your guests a choice – such as a charity gift list or a honeymoon fund.

An in-store gift list can be a great versatile option especially for guests who aren’t as online savvy as they will be able to go into store and buy a gift. However, using one store means that all your items will come from that store so there might not be much variety. Try to find a store that stocks a variety of brands.

Online gift lists give a variety of gift that allow you to pick gifts from a variety of different shops and list them in one simple place. The downside is that you might make life difficult for those who don’t like purchasing on the internet.

A honeymoon gift list allows your guests to make monetary contributions to the cost of your honeymoon or for spending money and meals out during your honeymoon and after the high cost of the wedding, this could be very appreciated. More traditional guests might feel this isn’t for them and may still choose to bring you a physical gift.

If you’ve been established for a while and really have everything you need at home and the honeymoon comfortably covered then a new and interesting idea is a charity gift list allowing your guest to donate a good cause of your choice. It will feel great and highlights a cause close to your heart. However, be prepared for those die hard traditionalists who would still prefer to bring you a gift.