If you’re a fan of fashion, you are probably well aware of the newest trends on the catwalks. If not, where have you been?

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As summer turns rapidly to autumn, and we put away our bikinis and hot weather tops for another year, preparing to dig out the warm jumpers and winter coats once more, we take a look back at what the biggest trends have been this summer season, and glance towards what’s going to be hot in the colder months.

Tailored to perfection

One of the most obvious changes in recent months has been a rejection of the casual, so-called athleisure wear, in favour of much more tailored, highly structured clothing.

Although comfort is still important, the newest trend is oversized jackets with big shoulders, wide but smart trousers and looser tops. Pinstripes have also been huge this summer, with stripes appearing on everything from trousers to off-the-shoulder tops.

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Back to the 80s

According to Vogue, the excesses of the 1980s were much in evidence this season, with enormous silhouettes defining many collections.

Those huge jackets with big shoulders, baggy trousers and voluminous tops were the order of the day, as were brighter colours such as fuchsia – all harking back to an era dominated by big hair, cheesy pop music and classic movies.


Another trend widely seen over the summer has been asymmetrical items of clothing, or those with bold asymmetrical designs. Skirts and shirts, particularly, have been given the one-sided treatment.

Added to this trend has been the desire for pinched-in waists. Wide belts in contrasting materials or colours accentuate the figure and make everyone feel and look slimmer.

Make a statement

Bigger and bolder could be the watchwords for this summer’s trends. Making a statement has been what it’s all about, so wearing bright colours and unusual shapes has taken over from subtle and subdued.

This trend, in particular, looks set to take us well into autumn and beyond, with eye-catching, wide coats accompanying brighter skirts and all manner of items in the latest comeback material, corduroy.

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You can’t go wrong with bright, bold and big – but maybe forget the 80s perm!