Food waste is a major problem for UK households, with an eye-watering £13bn worth of perfectly edible foodstuff going into the bin each year. As part of its initiative to reduce food waste, Tesco is selling snack-sized avocados.

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Before, these smaller avocados would have been rejected by producers because of their size; now, customers win by having a snackable healthy avocado and the farmers win as they can sell even more of their crop. The so-called ‘Zilla Eggs’ are about one-third of the size of the normal avocados and can be bought in 100 Tesco stores in packs of six. Many customers eat half a normal-sized avocado and waste the other half. These mini avocados are also great for adding to children’s school lunch boxes, as they have soft skins that can be peeled by hand and have a great taste.

Fruitful ideas to cut waste

The high-tech world is also being applied to the world of food with the news that Marks & Spencer is using lasers to label avocados to cut down on waste. The laser-branded avocados show the best-before date and origin of the fruit, which is more environmentally-friendly than using paper stickers. These new ways of using technology to cut down on waste send a powerful message to ever-more aware customers about a company’s green credentials.

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The future is digital

Marks & Spencer is certainly innovative when it comes to getting its message across. It uses large-format public information displays and digital signage to support seasonal campaigns to inspire its customers while they shop. These large screens deliver eye-catching messages to invite customers to browse further and buy other M&S products. The in-store digital presence and online platforms are ways in which the retailer is striving to meet the needs of today’s mobile and fast-changing world.

As people interact with screens 24/7, companies need to find new ways of getting their message across. Digital signage provided by companies such as entertains, informs and encourages interaction.

Digital marketing enables you to track and assess responses and to respond quickly to changes, such as items that have sold out, your daily specials, and current events. It is an entertaining way of getting a message across and is relevant to your customers.