There is no need to be a millionaire to have an art collection to be proud of. Trained artists can provide you with a legal copy of many great masterpieces at a fraction of the price.

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New Trend

A growing number of studios are now able to provide copies of famous works. To avoid issues with copyrights, these pieces must be by artists who passed away 70 years ago or more.

In the run-up to Christmas and other public holidays, many artists have their work cut out to create a number of reproductions, especially as more and more people become aware of the service. This is one way people get to own a favourite famous or one-off painting, hang it on their wall and enjoy it day after day.

It is also possible to buy high-quality, limited edition printing at various studios, such as These prints and reproductions are crafted by individuals who are skilled artists in their own right. The majority choose a particular style of painting or even a particular piece and work hard to become experts at it.

Skill, patience and time

It can take some time to reproduce a masterpiece. Depending on how complex the original artwork is, it can require a lot of practice. The results can be spectacular, with many copies being indistinguishable from the originals.

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The biggest sellers tend to be reproductions of the most famous works. However, there are artists who specialise in lesser-known paintings and are in high demand.

There are many reasons people like to commission copies of some of the most famous old works. They are often fans of the artist and interested in the pieces, but they also do it to match their artwork to their residence. Buying an old house and redecorating might mean modernising, but it might also mean restoring it to look more like it used to. Having the art to go with the era makes a huge difference and can be extremely effective.

One last reason people choose to commission masterpiece copies are when they actually own expensive pieces of art but do not have the security to be able to display it. With the original locked up in a vault somewhere, the owner can still enjoy a very realistic copy on the wall in their lounge.