Motivation is a vital component of achieving success and happiness. These terms are very personal and what is insignificant to one person may signify success to another; therefore, motivation does not have to mean striving to achieve unattainable illusions.

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Goal setting

The goals you work towards are the path to achieve your dreams, whatever shape they may take. Motivation is what keeps you driving towards achieving a goal, enabling you to move to the next step. Your goals and aspirations will naturally change throughout your life.

Motivation is not an innate skill. Some people seem to lack it entirely and make excuses to settle. The beauty of motivation is the impact it has not only on you personally and your own dreams but also on the world around you, which can be positively impacted in amazing ways.

It is motivation that brought you the device you are reading this on, motivation that led to the design and manufacture of the clothes you are wearing, and motivation that has solved a multitude of problems you may not even be aware of.

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Motivation can help you to change your life, enabling you to resolve and simplify your goals. This means you know what to work towards and it immediately feels more achievable. This process can be aided by engaging with a motivational speaker such as

Priorities and overcoming fear

When you have set a goal, the next step is prioritising; for example, if you find yourself motivated to write, a clear priority is to make time in your day to do so. This is aided by the motivation to accomplish your aim, helping you to focus on what is needed.

Fear can bring otherwise successful people to a standstill. The worry of failure is difficult to overcome; however, motivation enables you to see beyond the concern and focus on the end goal. It is a natural consequence that continuing to work towards your desires, even when you are scared, will increase your confidence levels. Motivated people can often start new projects while they still have something ongoing, as they see the results when they overcome their fear.

By working on motivating yourself and achieving your goals, you will be improving yourself and the people around you that you care about. This is a definite win-win situation!