Apple launches a more powerful and economical iPad. Although Apple introduced last week its new 9.5-inch iPad to replace the iPad Air 2, there are still many users who expect to see a new generation of iPad Pro with more powerful hardware and not just with a Different screen size. Many of these users would welcome with open arms a new iPad with the processor of the iPhone 7, the Apple A10, as the current members of the range iPad Pro have stagnated in the A9X. Well, new information now points to an iPad of these characteristics could be much closer than we think.

A new iPad Pro in April? Some people think so

After the presentation of the new iPad last week, many already think that we will not see new iPad at least until the end or after the summer. It seems clear that the next model of Apple’s tablet range should be the iPad Pro, and now there are few who think that next April we will see a new model of these characteristics. But it’s not what they think from IHS Market, since one of their analysts has enough information to feel that Apple is working on launching a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the month of April.

iPad Pro

This information is based on the supply chain around the manufacture of the new iPad, which would be working piecewise and to be able to launch in a month the new tablet. In fact, they specify that the model that would be making would be a 10.5-inch iPad that would occupy the same as the 9.7-inch model thanks to almost non-existent edges. Something similar to what we have seen on mobile phones like the LG G6 or as will probably tomorrow introduce Samsung with its Galaxy S8, very large screen mobiles that maintain a compact size.

Even so, it seems unlikely that everything we read here will become a reality, and for several reasons. We talked about that in the month of April Apple would launch an iPad with screen without borders, thus anticipating the same iPhone 8 seems quite improbable, however, a new iPad Pro with the iPhone 7 processor and a conventional screen may be more plausible, and so see the new iPad Pro with the A11 Chip in the month of September or October. But the rumors are that, rumors, so we will have to be attentive equally to the month of April to see if we have surprises in the form of iPad.