There are lots of ways to say ‘I Love You’ to a long-distance love. Flowers. Chocolates. Love notes. Photo collages.

Or cupcakes. You can send cupcakes.

If you’re in a long distance relationship and you can’t enjoy dessert together, why not send them some? Not only are they delicious and a reminder of the effort you put into something for them (or money you spent buying them), they’ll be sure to smile each time they take a bite.

Preparation is key in being able to ship a cupcake that still looks and tastes like a cupcake when it arrives. Using any traditional cake or cupcake batter should be fine, but finding the right kind of frosting to last the journey is important. Use the heartiest frosting you can find – nothing that will melt or smear.

It’s important, of course, once the cupcakes are prepared to make sure to use an express delivery service to ship them to ensure freshness. But you also want to make sure that you pack them to ship well. First, after they are baked and perfect, freeze them. This will help them stay better during their trip. Then decide on how to pack them. You can use a bakery box – the kind you would find a cake in – line it with parchment paper and use cardboard dividers to make sure that each cupcake has its own spot in the box. You would then place that sealed box in a larger shipping box filled with bubble packing material and mark the box “this end up” before shipping.

Another fun way to ship the cupcakes, perhaps for a holiday or birthday, is to put each cupcake in a decorated mason jar after freezing them. Each jar could have a special message written out on it (you could choose to send cupcakes in some jars, and other things in other jars to make it a total “I love you” care package- hot chocolate, candles, jewelry, pictures, mementos, etc.), After sealing each jar, you could put them all in a large enough shipping box and then pack the box very well, again adding “this end up” to the top of the box to help the cupcakes arrive frosting-end up.

Cupcakes are a sweet treat, and handmade specially delivered cupcakes are a perfect gift for your long-distance love. Whether it’s a simple presentation or a huge creative display, cupcakes will always be well received.