Link building can help fledgling websites earn a solid reputation and start their ascent up the results pages of popular search engines like Google. However, there are still some spammy tactics that must be avoided when building up backlinks. This guide should help you stick to the straight and narrow and get the best results when you are starting afresh.

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The Basics

A link is the basic currency of the web, allowing a user to navigate between the pages of a site and visit other relevant sites. Because of this, search engines use links to gauge the reputation and authority of sites, with the number and quality of inbound links being used as a key ranking signal.

Algorithm updates in the past half-decade have allowed search engines to get much better at detecting link-building tactics designed to artificially boost the search rank of sites, so it is vital for owners to take the honourable route to earning backlinks if they want to avoid penalties.

If this is already sounding fairly complex, seeking the aid of a digital marketing agency in Belfast like is sensible as it will let you access their expertise to make the most of effective, modern approaches to link building.

Links: Good vs Bad

While more inbound links may equate to a higher search rank for an emerging site, not all links are valuable. In some cases, they can actively hurt the chances of gaining increased exposure on search engine results pages.

Natural links that are included on third-party sites without your involvement are best, but they can only be earned if your own site plays host to some truly engaging, interesting and relevant content. Google is getting better at pinpointing natural links and privileging them as a ranking signal, so even though they are tough to secure, they have ongoing benefits.

Manually building links by contacting other sites and asking them to link back to your content is another option, although you must give third parties an incentive to help you out. Buying and selling links is no longer acceptable, which means you have to earn them through the creation of relevant content. Attempting to work with competitors is a dead end.

There is much more to learn about link building, so getting some practical experience is sensible.