A cruise is the perfect choice for a family, but there are a few things you need to sort out for the children before embarking. All ages are catered for on a cruise, from grandpa’s salsa lessons to fun children’s activities. In addition, the prospect of having all food and drinks paid for in advance can help keep costs under control.

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Double-check the age limits

Most cruise lines have six months as their cut-off point, but check around first before booking anything. Do not forget to check the ages that the children’s activities are designed for to ensure that they meet the requirements.

Don’t take chances with your cabin

You’ll want to look over the cabin options very carefully before proceeding and check reviews of the staterooms online. In some cases, it is best to go for a family cabin, but other people might prefer adjoining rooms to have a degree of privacy.

Involve your little ones in the planning

Let your kids know what to expect when the ship sets sail, and be sure to give them a real sense of having participated in any decisions. After all, it is their holiday, too!

Pack wisely

Make a list far in advance and be sure to check it twice before you leave. Don’t forget your kids’ favourite toys and any medicine they might need.

Safety first

Go over safe practices with your kids, but don’t scare them. Remind them that they are on a ship and there are a few hazardous areas they need to avoid. Be sure they pay attention when staff go over the safety procedures, and ensure that you have enough life jackets in the right size for every membet of your party.

Enrol the kids in clubs

Your children will enjoy participating in the activities designed for them, and they will likely make new friends from all over the world.

Get off the ship

Even though there is plenty of fun to be had on board, get off and check out some of the beautiful cities and interesting ports along the route. You might even check out some of the best all inclusive Caribbean resorts on dry land http://lostwaldo.com/the-best-all-inclusive-caribbean-resorts/ for future trips.

Finally, consider getting disposable cameras for everyone in your family to record their favorite memories to look back on later!