A wedding should be memorable for all the right reasons: the bride’s radiance, the best man’s speech, the couple’s first dance. What the photographer captures with his or her lens should provide lifelong, cherished memories and perhaps some embarrassing footage of your Stag and Hen parties with a Hen Party Bus Cheltenham company; however, there has to be a proposal before the wedding can take place.

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Caught on camera

What makes a proposal unique? According to the Mirror a young German man was caught on a speed camera holding up a proposal note after his girlfriend insisted that if he were to propose, he had to make it cool and memorable. It took the man five attempts before he got the speed camera to flash; however, his persistence paid off and his girlfriend is now his fiancee. Now we wouldn’t recommend breaking the law in order to propose to your loved one!

Much ‘I do’ ‒ about nothing

Some women are always the bridesmaid and never the bride. The Mail reported the hilarious story of a wedding guest who tried to catch the bride’s bouquet to make sure she received the proposal she wanted, only for her partner to intervene and scupper her chances. This proves that nothing is spared from the photographer’s lens.

Your recollection of the big day can be enhanced by the appropriate style of photography. Unless being caught on a police speed camera and being shackled to the long arm of the law is more to your liking than being on the loving arm of your partner, you will want your photographs to be memorable for all the right reasons. Booking a professional photographer will ensure that your images are both beautiful and creative. You may even want to consider enlisting the services of a family member or friend to capture the moment that you propose.

It is important to remember that an astute photographer can capture amusing, unique photojournalist images of sometimes embarrassing, less-than-perfect moments and turn these unexpected shots into real treasures; after all, such moments are what true love stories are all about. If you are looking for a warts-and-all complete record of events for your pre- and post-wedding albums, then a wedding photographer  might just be what you need to turn those quirky, uncertain moments into treasured keepsakes.

Whichever way the groom-to-be decides to propose, an imaginative and judicious photographer can adapt the lens to fit the story in even the most awkward of situations and provide you with an album that will raise a smile for many years to come.