We all love carrying our laptop around with us. Even when it weighs us down a little we are still happy to lug it around and show the world that we are hip and technologically advanced. Having said that, how much better would it be if we could slip the old laptop into a funky bag like one of these beauties?

The My Documents Bag

Computer geeks may like this one, as the laptop goes inside a bag which looks like an on screen My Documents folder. It is bright yellow and bound to raise a few smiles on your daily commute.

The Newspaper Bag

Or what about just wrapping up your computer inside a newspaper. It is actually a sturdy bag but the newspaper print design makes it look pretty interesting.

Leopard Skin Bag

Another idea is to look at this leopard print bag with a gold lining. If you are in the habit of wearing leopard skin clothes it might not be such a good idea though.

Shirt and Tie Bag

Another funny model is the one which is made up of a shirt and tie design. This is a good idea if you want to see the light hearted side to an office job.

Laptop Backpack

There are some laptop backpacks around now which come in a variety of styles. Some look remarkably like body armour and if you like this kind of look then it will also keep your laptop safe and secure.

Pink and Flowery

The range of laptop users nowadays means that there is a wide selection of bags. If you are looking for one for a teenage girl then what about pink and flowery? They might not look like laptop bags but then that is probably the point.

The Foldout Bag

Another interesting innovation which could be of use to you is the bag which opens out to become a laptop mat. This cunningly simple idea could be right for someone who needs to use their computer on uneven or untidy surfaces from time to time.

Café in Paris Bag

A simple laptop bag with a cheery drawing of Paris sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t then this one isn’t for you. It has a cartoon like quality and might even be ideal if you are taking a business trip to Paris.

Aluminium and Heavy Duty

If you want a professional looking case which will give your computer a lot of protection then one of these heavy duty chaps could be exactly what you need. They look tough and, to be honest, they are.

Custom Bag

If none of these designs sound all that great to you then maybe you would prefer to go online and design your own custom laptop bag.