In the age of last-minute holidays and cheap flights abroad, it has become all to easy to explore other countries around the world. While this is fantastic in itself, it results in fewer people exploring the various areas right on their doorstep. And while France and Spain certainly have their attractions, the UK has some areas that can rival some of the most stunning spots in the world. Whether you’re looking to holiday on more of a budget or simply want to get to know Britain a bit better, here are some of the best places to holiday around the UK.


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Cornwall is famous for its magnificent beaches and stunning coastline. Dramatic and stunning in winter and idyllic in the summer sun, this part of the world has inspired painters and novelists for centuries, and is a fantastic place to get away from it all regardless of the weather. Offering walks, surfing and, in the warmer weather, swimming in the breathtakingly clear waters, it’s hard to believe that this heavenly spot is actually in England.


If you’re looking for more of an action packed break, Leicester has it all.  From a hustling shopping centre jammed with the latest shops (some of which are sported by their own in house DJ’s at the door) to a business that allows you to have a tank driving experience. Imagine driving tanks filled with paint to fire at one another!  With beautiful canal paths and a diverse food culture you will be spoilt for choice.


For a quintessentially English break, nothing can beat the wholesome charm of a holiday in Devon. With its picturesque views that hark back to simpler days, luscious green fields and cosy tea rooms, you haven’t really lived in Britain until you’ve spent time in this part of the country. To find out everything you need for your stay, is a fantastic source of information.

Lake District

It boasts what is arguably Britain’s most dramatic scenery, so going walking in the lake district is something that cannot disappoint. Though this is one of the more rainy parts of the country, the weather can be dramatic and changeable – only adding to the tumultuous beauty of this area. For those with a love of poetry or literature, visiting the Lake District is a great opportunity to see the land that inspired poets such as Wordsworth.

These are simply a few ideas in order to whet your appetite for travelling around the country. Whether you’re looking to take in local culture and explore the sights and sounds of a new city or wanting to escape the daily grind and explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country, the UK has more to offer than many people realise.