Living in the modern world is tough. We work long hours, stay up too late and don’t seem to have much time for doing the doing the things we love. Life can get pretty stressful at times with barely a moment to stop and smell the flowers! The hours spent at work, with the same faces day in and day out, feeling guilty about things not done or having a boss breathing down our neck – the pressure can soon mount up. Don’t let things spiral out of control as we all need to find a space to retreat to sometimes.

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Some people book an annual holiday and jet off somewhere hot and beautiful. Others quit the rat race altogether, fill a backpack and disappear on an around the world trip. You don’t have to be quite as dramatic as that and let’s face it, world travel is not easy to do if you have family responsibilities. The reason we all feel the need to escape from reality occasionally is that we have a need to restore the balance. While we all strive to be more successful, we sometimes forget how to be happy.

Restoring the balance can mean finding value in every task you do and everything you see. Thinking about the bigger picture and appreciating nature, spending time alone to relax and unwind is definitely good for the soul. Modern society makes you rush, never stopping to have time to really think about things and so wouldn’t it be wonderful to have somewhere to call your own space, where you can relax and escape reality for just long enough to restore some balance? For Shepherd Huts, visit

Time spent tinkering with a project, reading a book, writing or gardening is not time wasted. These activities give us a chance to be calm, at ease, graceful and tranquil. The desire to be somewhere beautiful and peaceful is almost instinctive so don’t put it off because it’s essential for your well-being. Being outside, enjoying your garden and watching the wildlife all around is a tonic for the soul with the stresses of trying to achieve the modern work/life balance.

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Your Shepherd Hut can be whatever you want it to be. It is probably the most personal space you could ever own and if you moved, you can take it with you! It can be a comfortable space with seating and big cushions for reading or it could be a home office where you could work in peace, surrounded by things of your choosing. They can also be made to order and built around a sauna or become a man cave where DIY can be carried out undisturbed and tools can be kept safe and in an orderly fashion. They offer a fantastic escape whilst still on your property so if you desire a room of your own, with no need to build an extension, then a Shepherd Hut might be the thing for you.