As a society we have in recent years become more focused on the way we can enhance our natural beauty. Whether this is through clothes styling, the make up we wear or cosmetic treatments, there are a variety of options available to you.  One such option is non-surgical cosmetic treatments including Dermal Lip Fillers. But what are they?


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Well Dermal lip fillers in essence are a non-surgical way of increasing the volume in your lip and enhancing its definition, similar to the way that fillers in other parts of your face smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. During the treatment session a qualified professional will use a small needle to insert small amounts of the filler into the area required on your lip through micro injections. There is minimal to no discomfort felt during this as a numbing cream is applied to the lip area before the injections begin. The main aim of lip fillers is to make them look as natural as possible whilst producing the desired look for the customer. 

There are some factors to take into consideration when choosing a clinic for your treatment such as what pre-treatment care do they offer, are they properly certified and what post-treatment information do they have available. There are also a number of different options in filler types and brand choices, but it is important that whichever one you opt for is a medical grade product and is a CE product. This means that they are Certified European. 

For example, Belfast dermal fillers company Glam Skin Clinic use Amalian Lips as their preferred choice for lip filler. For more information on what they have to offer take a look at

Once your treatment has been completed you can expect the fillers to last around six to nine months and they will dissolve away naturally without any side effects noticed. A good clinic will give you information on things to look out for following your appointment.

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The increase in popularity of these non-surgical treatments is due to a number of reasons. These procedures are quick and easy meaning that you don’t have to take long periods of time off work to recover and most procedures can be done in short appointments allowing you to pop in during your lunch hour or break from work. There is also a significant difference in the price, with surgical cosmetic procedures being vastly more expensive than their non-surgical counterparts. Finally, there is also a small risk of post treatment issues such as infections that are more prevalent with full surgical options.

So, if you have been wondering what lip filler are, you now have a brief outline of their use along with a few top tips of what to look out for when choosing a clinic for your treatment.