There are still garage doors, which open manually, but lately most homeowners prefer electric garage door openers because they provide easy access into the garage and safety. Today, most families own two or three cars and, therefore, the constant access into the garage require fast and trustworthy electric garage doors.

The openers are basic components of the operational systems and, therefore, special factors related to the type, service and specifications of each brand must be taken into consideration before buy them.

Which type of opener should I prefer?

All garage door openers are reliable these days and can last for many years, but they vary according to the levels of noise and the number of components. You can choose a Chamberlain garage door opener or prefer another major manufacturer, but you must never forget to choose according to the noise level you can bear to hear when you press the garage door clicker.

The belt drive opener is by far the most silent type and that’s why it is also the most expensive one, but this is the one you should choose if your bedroom is located near the garage door. On the other hand, if your garage is not attached to the house or the noise of the opener works as an alarm system for you, you should choose the chain drive garage door opener, which is one of the most reliable types. The third option is the screw drive garage door opener, which stands right in the middle of the other two in terms of cost and noise and has fewer components.

Do I have to get sensors along with the openers?

The sensors come with the electric openers these days because they make sure of your safety. If they sense an obstacle between the closing door and the floor, they will order the opener to reverse the movement of the door. In fact, manufacturers have made many efforts to improve more the functioning of the sensors.

Statistical data has shown that the lack of air in the garage and the fumes from the cars can cause symptoms of asphyxiation. Nowadays, there are special sensors that can detect the high levels of carbon monoxide and give order to the opener to open the garage doors.

Do you know that many drivers forget to close their garage door behind them? As a consequence, they allow easy access to intruders. Current garage door openers can be programmed to close the door after a specified time that the sensors won’t detect any motion under the door.

How often do garage door openers need service?

Each manufacturer gives different instructions, but usually it is required once or twice a year. Professionals of reliable companies, like Houston garage doors, can inspect the garage door parts one by one and proceed with the necessary repairs and replacements. If you let these experts do the required service on time, your opener will live much longer than anticipated.